Plow Attachment

Excavator attachment for trenchless installation of pipe & cable.

The Wolfe Excavator Plow allows for easy installation of fibre optics, flexible conduit, cable or pipe up to 120mm (4.75")* in diameter to a depth of 1500mm (60")* from grade (depending on ground conditions) without the need to dig a trench.

The easy-to-attach plow can be installed on virtually any excavator.

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  • Heavy Duty Vibrating Unit

    Reduces the amount of pull required from the excavator.

  • Self-Contained Hydraulic Valves

    Only one auxiliary hydraulic circuit is required on the excavator, making the installation of the Plow Attachment quick and easy.

  • Side Tilt

    15 degree side tilt allows the shank to remain vertical while plowing on slopes.

  • Rubber Isolators

    Reduces the vibration that transfers through the excavator, minimizing the amount of vibration and noise in the operator’s cab.

  • Offset Swing

    Offset swings left and right, making it possible to plow outside of the tracks. This allows the excavator to remain on the road while plowing along the side of the machine on the shoulder.

  • Pendant Control

    The independent pendant control allows the operator to control the vibratory unit, the side tilt cylinders, and the offset swing cylinders. Virtually no wiring is required during the install onto the excavator.






Minimum Excavator (metric ton)153045
Maximum working depth (Inches / MM)36 / 91548 / 122060 / 1500
Maximum pipe outside diameter (Inches / MM)2.0 / 502.75 / 704.75 / 120
Offset swing right and left (Inches / MM)48 / 120048 / 120060 / 1500
Hydraulic Flow required (GPM / LPM)26 / 10036 / 13648 / 182

Technical diagram

Technical Drawing


All machines are licensed by the Ontario Minsitry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).