& Utility


  • Optimal Machine Cooling

    The machine cooling system is designed with variable speed reversing fans. The variable speed fans help reduce fuel consumption while the auto/manual reversing feature makes for easy cleaning when operating in dusty conditions.

  • Fuel Efficient Technology

    Industry leading control systems reduce fuel consumption in the following ways;

    - Load sensing pumps provide full power when needed. Pumps will dial back under low load situations to reduce wasted energy in the hydraulic system.
    - Variable speed fans are controlled to run the at optimal cooling speed.
    - Auto idle reduces engine RPM automatically when controls are in neutral for more than 3 seconds. Any operator input immediately returns engine RPM.

    Wolfe continually strives to utilize the newest fuel saving technology to reduce operating costs.

  • Under Hood Accessibility

    The hoods are designed with extra clearance when open for easy maintenance access to the engine and hydraulics.

  • Tile Feeder

    The 4"-6"-8" [100mm-150mm-200mm] tile feeder utilizes variable speed, pressure regulated hydraulics and comes with either a rubber or cleated steel drive wheel.

  • Rear-Step & Platform

    The rear-step is designed to allow operators to easily get on and off the machine quickly and safely while reducing fatigue. The optional hydraulic lift allows the stairs to be raised for extra ground clearance.

  • Oscillating Tracks (Option)

    Both tracks move independently to ensure optimal balance and traction while providing a smoother ride for the operator.

  • 7 Degree Side Tilt (Option)

    The side tilt feature automatically or manually keeps the mole vertical ensuring a precise grade on sloped terrain.

  • Reel Carrier (Option)

    The compact design has the ability to be folded up for easy transportation and quick field-ready transitions. Customized reel carriers available upon request.

  • Central Lube Station (Option)

    Allows safer and easier greasing from central locations. The optional auto-lube feature reduces manual maintenance while ensuring that all lubrication points are getting the proper amount of grease.

Standard Equipment

  • 540HP CAT™ C-15 ENGINE
  • Three-Speed Drive System
  • 1st Max: 120 ft/min [2.2km/h]
  • 2nd Max: 240 ft/min [4.4km/h]
  • 3rd Max: 370 ft/min [6.8km/h]
  • Proportional Hydraulics
  • 58 or 65 Link Tracks available with standard or extreme pads
  • GPS and Laser compatible
  • Dual or Single Stick Track Control System
  • 718 Bonfiglioli™ heavy duty final drive 180,000NM
  • State-of-the-art Plus 1® Electronic Over Hydraulic Control System with complete machine monitoring, diagnostics, and feedback to protect your machine for the long term
  • A/C and Heated cabs C/W digital climate control
  • Side mounted cabs to increase the visibility of the work zone and sight line while driving
  • Engine cooling system with auto/manual reversing fans for cleaning during operation in dusty conditions
  • Highest ground clearance in the industry
  • Built-in air compressor
  • Standard or long mole length available with 8" and 10" points [20cm and 25cm]
  • Replaceable QT 400 points, groover, top and bottom plates
  • Hydraulic driven, pressure regulated tile feeder
  • GPS arm
  • Machine Weight Range: 68,500lbs - 86,400lbs [31,000kg - 39,200kg]
  • Auto Idle
  • Engine Block Heater

Optional Equipment Add-Ons

  • Compact Reel Carrier
  • Oscillating Tracks
  • 7 Degree Tilt Frame C/W auto sensing
  • Auto/Manual Lube Manifold
  • Custom Colours Available
  • Extended Grouser Bars
  • Hydraulic Oil Pre-Heater
  • Tile Cutter and Crusher System
  • Optional Shoe Widths
  • 600HP Cat™ C-18 Engine
  • Raise and Lower Shoe
  • Cable Tow System
  • Cameras and View Monitors
  • Lights
  • GPS and Laser Systems

Technical Drawing


All machines are licensed by the Ontario Minsitry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).