The XD upgrade package includes:

  • 1.5" [3.8cm] Thick Wheel Rims and Buckets.
  • Wider Drive Sprockets and Wheel Segments.
  • Extreme Duty Lower Rollers & Upper Trucks.
  • 30" [76.2cm] - 36" [91.5cm] Trench Width.
  • Heavy Duty Uprights and Sliders, Mast Cylinder, and Pivot Assemblies.
  • With the Special tooth holders, it can be equipped with flat digging or carbide bullet teeth.


  • Optimal Machine Cooling

    The machine cooling system is designed with variable speed reversing fans. The variable speed fans help reduce fuel consumption while the auto/manual reversing feature makes for easy cleaning when operating in dusty conditions.

  • Fuel Efficient Technology

    Industry leading control systems reduce fuel consumption in the following ways;

    - Load sensing pumps provide full power when needed. Pumps will dial back under low load situations to reduce wasted energy in the hydraulic system.
    - Variable speed fans are controlled to run the at optimal cooling speed.
    - Auto idle reduces engine RPM automatically when controls are in neutral for more than 3 seconds. Any operator input immediately returns engine RPM.

    Wolfe continually strives to utilize the newest fuel saving technology to reduce operating costs.

  • Under Hood Accessibility

    The hoods are designed with extra clearance when open for easy maintenance access to the engine and hydraulics.

  • Boom Lift (Option)

    The boom life provides a convenient method of installing pipe sections into the trench.

  • Trench Box (Option)

    The trench box provides a protected working area behind the trenching wheel for installing pipe sections. This also allows for continuous lengths of pipe or cable products to be installed. Custom configurations available upon request.

  • 7 Degree Side Tilt (Option)

    The side tilt feature automatically or manually keeps the wheel vertical ensuring a precise grade on sloped terrain.

  • Carbide Cutting Teeth (Option)

    Carbide cutting teeth are capable of cutting through frost & more abrasive soil conditions than standard teeth. Various sized wheel trenchers can be equipped with carbide teeth.

  • Side Cutters (Option)

    Side cutters increase the trench width by 6" [15.2cm] without changing the bucket system.

Standard Equipment

  • 440HP CAT™ C-15 ENGINE
  • Two-Speed Drive System
  • 1st Max. 120 ft/min [2.2km/h]
  • 2nd Max. 260 ft/min [4.75km/h]
  • Proportional Hydraulics / load sensing pumps
  • CAT™ 320 style 49 link tracks c/w 20" [70cm] street pads
  • Dual or Single Stick Track Control System
  • State-of-the-art Plus 1® Electronic Over Hydraulic Control System with complete machine monitoring, diagnostics, and feedback to protect your machine for the long term
  • Side Mounted Cabs (Left or Right hand)
  • A/C and Heated Cabs C/W digital climate control
  • GPS and Laser compatible
  • Engine Cooling System with auto/manual reversing fans
  • Built-in Air Compressor
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Auto Idle
  • Heavy Duty Components
  • 1.25" [3.17cm] thick wheel rims
  • Heavy duty bolt-on wheel segments
  • Heavy duty heat treated buckets
  • Heavy duty drop forged teeth
  • Dual lower truck roller
  • Rear upper truck roller
  • Upper carrier truck roller (Head shaft support)
  • Machine Weight Range: 52,500lbs - 70,000lbs [23,814kg - 32,000kg]

Optional Equipment Add-Ons

  • Wolfe heavy duty 57 link tracks c/w 31.5" [80cm] single grouser pads
  • Carbide Cutting Teeth
  • Side Cutters
  • Hydraulic Oil Pre-Heater
  • Cable Tow System
  • Cameras and View Monitors
  • Exterior Light Package
  • Auto Steer Ready

Technical Drawing


All machines are licensed by the Ontario Minsitry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).